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The Supper Club

Delicious East African Inspired food set in a relaxed communal dining environment 


About the food


I was born in Kuwait to an amazing Somali mother who is the most inspiring cook. Arriving in London as a refugee in the 80's, food was a way in which my mother connected us to our Somali heritage.  


For centuries the Somali/Swahili coast has been shaped by trade with India and the Middle East. In the 20th century you see the effect of the Italian and British occupations through staples like pasta, bread, pizza and desserts. 

We use free-range meat and eggs and endeavour to cook seasonally, sourcing much of our food from in and around Bristol, as ethically as we can. 

I look forward to sharing some of the flavours of this wonderful region with you. 

Example menu from previous supper clubs


Welcome drink - East African Dawa cocktail with vodka, lime, cinnamon and honey


Trio of mini sambusa

Feta and rainbow chard (v*)

Sweet potato & coconut (ve**)

Jinow's lamb & coriander

served with Bisbaas (a fresh coriander and green chilli condiment)


Maraq Digir- slow cooked Somali bean stew topped with feta and black olives

served with xawaash spiced plantain, zataar flat bread & fresh crunchy side salad (v*)


a fragrant Cardamom syllabub with fruit

v* suitable for vegetarians

ve** suitable for vegans

Please note: currently not taking any bookings. 


Photo credit: Kirstie Young 

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