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My name is Fozia Ismail, I run a Somali supper club and research project in Bristol. 

Arawelo Eats is a platform for exploring East African food in exciting ways; not just what's being served on the plates at my supper club but what it means for our understanding of belonging in a post- Brexit world. 

This has involved me researching and writing about race and British identity for the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookerydesigning workshops with Keep It Complex feminist art collective, Serpentine Gallery, Jerwood Project Space Museum of London and Colonial Countryside Project using food as method to think through some of these complex issues. 

I have been featured on Observer Food Magazine, BBC Radio 4 Food ProgrammeOxford Symposium on Food & Cookery Ox Tales podcast, Vittle's Food Newsletter, Food 52, Vice Munchies and more recently on Nadiya's Fast Flavours on BBC2.  

I am a resident at the Pervasive Media Studio at the Watershed in Bristol and currently working on House of Weaving Songs a project with Dhaqan Collective, a Somali Feminist arts collective I co-founded with Ayan Cilmi. 

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